Started in 1998 with 30 vines, Poocham Hill Winery's vineyard has expanded to 1,200 vines on more than three acres. Over the past 14 years, we have settled on nine varieties of hybrid wine grapes, four whites and five reds, that grow and mature well in their southwestern New Hampshire location on the hills above the Connecticut River. Yes, it is all about the grapes.

We started this project with the intent to produce the best possible wine from grapes that we grew. Starting with Marechal Foch, Frontenac, Sevyal Blanc, LaCrosse, and St Croix, we quickly added test plots of Noiret, Chandonel, Chelois, and Traminette. While the Noiret did well, the other three varietals were not ideal for our vineyard's terrior, and were replaced with Marquette. The next addition was more St Croix and LaCrosse plus Frontenac Gris, a grey sport of the successful Frontenac. We expanded to a second vineyard site with a large planting of Marquette and LaCresent.

Poocham Hill Winery's vineyard sits about 400 feet above the Connecticut River on what was once the shores of Lake Hitchcock. The soil is excellent for growing grapes with layers of gravel, rock, and clay under the topsoil. While glaciers did drop a few large boulders, making the preparation of the soil for new vines interesting, it is a common occurrence for the tractor's posthole drill to bury itself in 5 feet of soil. Walking through the vineyard one can tell that the vines have matured in an environment that is exceptional for producing quality grapes. The local birds seem to agree. One of the earliest additions was netting from New Zealand to keep our winged friends from eating all the grapes.

Good grapes make good wine. We choose the best grapes for our land and carefully attend to each vine. Our vineyard is small enough that pruning, mid-season care, and harvesting is all done by hand. We personally monitor the sugar and acidity of each variety of grape to determine the optimum time for picking, then those grapes are hand picked and the wine making begins.

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Good grapes make good wine.